Thursday, February 3, 2011

To appease Uncle Haig

Uncle Haig has really been riding us lately about our failure to update Silas's blog. I don't think he quite realizes how difficult it is to get a decent picture of a constantly moving toddler who wants nothing more in life than to "Pwess da butt'ns on Mommy's camwa.... PWEASE!"

Lemme just put that lens cap back on for ya

In all seriousness, we're all doing great. Silas is a busy busy boy. He's constantly talking, although we can only decipher about 15% of what he says, which usually includes his insertion of the words "wocket ship" and "twenny minutes" in most conversations for some reason. We haven't figured out why yet, but if anyone has any theories, I'd be happy to entertain them.

He can throw some truly amazing tantrums over the most random things you can imagine. Last night he cried for 40 minutes straight because the cup he wanted me to pour his milk in did not exist. Note, that the problem was not that I wouldn't use the cup of his choice for his dinner beverage (and he has many, many options, ranging from various colors of sippy and/or straw cups, to various colors of small plastic topless cups he refers to as "bi' boy" [big boy] cups). Nope, he was upset because we don't actually own the cup that he wanted to use. I really love this kid, but sometimes he can drive me slap out of my mind.

Since we last wrote, buddy turned two and had a big old Halloween-themed birthday party;

Went trick or treating, had to be chased after as he tried to run into all of our neighbors houses after they gave him trick or treat candy;

I can see you in there

Refused to eat a single bite of our amazing Thanksgiving dinner in North Carolina (if you know me at all--seriously, I love Thanksgiving so much, I usually take a picture of my piled high Thanksgiving plate before I dig into it--you will know how abhorrent I find this);

Just in case you didn't believe that I actually take pictures of my plate

Even though I wouldn't touch my fried turkey, my Uncle Haig still likes me

Met his new baby cousin, Claren, and visited with Uncle Russ and Aunt Morgan;

SERIOUSLY, how cute is this baby?

I know it seems like I'm more interested in the present than the baby, but that's not true

Duets with uncle Russ

Celebrated Christmas with our families here in Virginia in our own house (!);
First annual viewing of Polar Express was a hit

Was treated quitely princely by Santa; and

Check out the bounty!

This one has "grandparents" written all over it

Visited with his Papa and Nonnie and cousins AJ and Kahlen in Birmingham over MLK weekend.

I Work hard for my money


I think that about wraps up our last four months or so.

To close, I'm stealing an idea I saw on another blog recently (I can't remember which one it was or I would link it). It's called "Slices of Life." I think it's pretty self-explanatory (also, I am lazy and don't want to explain it).


Me: Good morning, buddy. Did you sleep good? Did you have good dreams or bad dreams last night?

Silas: Bad dweams.

Me: Oh no! Bad dreams about what?

Silas: Bawaweenas [ballerinas].


Silas: (Watching Big Papa smoke a cigar on our front porch) Gwand! Big Papa has fiwah [fire] in his mouf!


Matt: Okay, time to get out of the bathtub, Si.

Silas: No no. Si Si stay in baf all night.


Me: (handing Silas a fork to use to eat his dinner)

Silas: Oooooh, a fohk! My favowite!


Silas: Juice, pwease!

Matt: (handing him the juice) What do you say, Silas?

Silas: (pause) Yay?



Jamie said...

Awesome post!! He is so cute!! And YOU!...are hilarious. Just sayin' :)

Casie said...

Love the slice of life, that's awesome and SO explains the stage you're in. Wishing I had done that more. The hilarious things they say are treasured instantly yet so easily forgotten. He is so cute!

Lorink said...

Love it! Tell Silas that aunt lorin has nightmares about bawaweenas too. I think Mrs. Sheryl is to blame for that ;p